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Preparation before the sealing machine starts

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Preparation before the sealing machine starts

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The sealing machine has the following preparations before starting the machine:
1. The new machine should be equipped with electromagnetic safety switch to reduce the risk of power failure.
2. Pay attention to the motor steering. If the steering is wrong, change the position of any two wire in the third line and change the turn
3. The new machine should pay attention to the adjustment of automatic tank system.
When the "pedal" under the "pedal" is set to the lower nut of the "pedal", the lower edge of the "shaft CAM" and the "roller" flange are tangent to moderate. If the distance between the two is insufficient, the volume seal cannot be activated. If the distance between the two is too big. Repeat the volume sealing, cannot automatically remove the tank, or the strength of the tin can be uneven, produce the can.
The hand supports "the shaft of the tin", and the other hand USES the plate hand to unpack the "tocan shaft adjustment clamping screw". Step on the pedal to raise the tray. Place the empty can, adjust the distance between the top of the tray and the top of the top, and subtract 1/8 from the top of the lid. The "clamping screw" is then fixed.
4. Adjust the clearance between the first roll and the rolling head.

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